The problem with most civil rights movements is that they don’t pay very well.

 That’s about to change, thanks to billionaire industrialist Charles Koch’s weekend proclamation.

 The injustices in need of righting include the minimum wage (get rid of it), environmental regulations (get rid of them), solar power (ick!), women’s reproductive rights (they don’t need those) and corporate taxes (booooo!).

 Charles and David Koch allowed some reporters to attend the usually secretive weekend forum hosted by Freedom Partners Chamber of Commerce, the funding arm of the brothers’ political network.

 According to a report by Politico, Charles Koch called on the assembled business leaders to reject ‘corporate welfare,’ which, he said, is creating ‘a two-tier society’ by ‘creating a permanent underclass, crippling our economy and corrupting the business community — present company excepted, of course.’

 Yes, present company excepted, except that, according to Good Jobs First, a group that promotes corporate and government accountability in economic development, Koch Industries has received $190 million in government subsidies since 1990.

 Imagine this conversation between a person who can afford to buy an island and ‘a poor.’

 Island Buyer: ‘What is it that’s important to you, poor?’

 Poor: ‘I would like to work and see my career advance and have health care and be able to take care of my family.’

 Island Buyer: ‘OK, the best way to do that is to cut government regulations, lower corporate taxes and convince people that solar power causes cancer.’

 Poor: ‘Cool! Thanks!’

 Island Buyer: ‘Sure thing. I’m going to go buy more islands.’

 That exchange exemplifies the most important tool in this particular civil rights battle: lying. Why do we poor people have such a hard time understanding that?

 Rich lives matter. It’s time we all embraced the most unappreciated civil rights issue of our time. And I’ll do just that, as soon as the Koch brothers deposit that $1 million in my PayPal account.

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