Editor’s Note: The Generation Gap, a series that is exclusive to the Midweek Times, features opinions from people in our community who are of different generations.

 Featured this week are Carl Gabrielson, executive director of the Loose Center in Linden and on the Event Staff for the University of Michigan and Kathy Byers, manager of The UPS Store in Fenton.

Carl Gabrielson, 69

 I basically was raised with a pencil and legal pad. That’s still my main form of recording information, but I’ve learned that the biggest form of communication is email and texting. No one calls anyone anymore. I estimate I use technology three hours a day.

 My biggest challenge was how to use an iPhone to benefit from all its features. I use it to send and receive emails, too, but mostly for texting.  I have a Facebook page to view relatives’ and friends’ postings and pictures. That’s the extent of my technology use.

 Loose has a Facebook page and website for community use and communication, plus to post photos of current events. It plays a big role in our success.

 Technology has a place in our society, especially in the medical and professional world. It’s an instant form of communication and a wonderful educational tool.

 Individuals need to find a way to embrace, not abuse, the possibilities of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube for entertainment, communication, and education.

 Don’t lose the human needs of face-to-face conversation and relationships. At my age, I need human interaction with friends and family. A limited use of this technology fits my social and private needs.

Kathy Byers, 29

 I spend way too many hours a day on social media. I’d guess about five or six hours. I do run Instagram and Facebook for The UPS Store, but 90 percent of my social media use is personal.

 My favorites are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. I use Instagram the most because it’s really easy to find people who have similar interests and give tips. I like to search for home décor and debt-free communities.

 There are definitely pros and cons about the benefits or deficits of social media in society. I spend too much time on social media, but if you’re far away from parents and grandparents, it’s an awesome way to stay in touch.

 My grandma is on Facebook and so are my boyfriend’s grandparents. If we forget to tell them about something special we’re doing or an event we’re going to, they can still see it on Facebook, along with photos.

 I’ve been trying to limit my phone use this year. One of my goals in 2019 is to read more books.

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