Three of my Facebook friends are over-the-top animal lovers. They find the worst cases of animal abuse and post pictures of them. I find them shocking (at best). On numerous occasions these photos show tortured animals. These are truly terrible. I get it. I know that some animals are abused. I don’t need to see the pictures to be convinced. Can you suggest how I might encourage these Facebook friends to help these animals without posting pictures? I would appreciate your help. — Visually Assaulted

DEAR Assaulted:

One great thing about Facebook is that you can roll up your trouser legs and publicly wade into any debate — or you can quietly ‘hide’ posts from people who share objectionable content. If you want to challenge these friends to do more than post snuff pictures, you can comment beneath a photo: ‘It would be great to find out what you are actually doing about this, aside from sharing this horrific photo ...’ I wouldn’t recommend this course of action because, well, people get crazy. I have a Facebook friend who is also an animal advocate. I notice that she periodically warns Facebook friends, ‘If you post horrific photos of animal abuse, I will ‘block’ you,’ and then, presumably, she does.

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