Adam Hartley

Fenton Area Public Schools superintendent

We have many things to be proud of in Fenton Area Public Schools including many stories of success regarding the opportunities our students have across the district. One opportunity our young scholars have each year is to join a team of leaders and problem solvers. Our Fenton Robotics team is in its eighth year and we are excited to have them move from a shared space at Fenton High School to a new room at the Ellen Street Campus. This 1,500-square-foot space is designed to prepare the next generation of innovative, compassionate, and confident young leaders for future success in both their careers and in life.

 Fenton Robotics combines FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST Tech Challenge, and FIRST Lego League teams into one unified platform, advocating for intentional collaboration between parents, mentors, and students. Team 5114’s goal is to “Build People, One Robot at a Time.”

 If you have never attended a competition to watch Team 5114 in action, you may never know the hard work and determination of these amazing students and their families.  Coaches Todd Ferguson and John Guzdek, along with a team of parents and mentors, have built a strong program that not only competes with the top robotics teams across the state, but takes on the responsibility of serving the Fenton community.

 Most recently, our World of Wonder students were excited to participate in an outside story walk that included walking the sidewalks of Fenton and reading pages of their favorite book attached to yard signs.  With the ground frozen, our World of Wonder staff did not know how the signs were going to be placed in the ground for our students to enjoy the story walk.  Team 5114 stepped up, solved the problem, and our students enjoyed their walk through downtown Fenton, reading their favorite story. 

 Our Robotics program is a great example of how young students have opportunities to be a part of something special within Fenton Area Public Schools.  Students may join the Robotics team in elementary school and continue through their senior year.  The success of our Robotics program is a true reflection of the dedication and commitment of our students to become well rounded global citizens.

 You may learn more about the FAPS Robotics Program here:

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