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Adam Hartley

Adam Hartley

Fenton Area Public Schools superintendent

It is no secret the past year has been challenging for many people. I have written about some of the challenges Fenton Area Public Schools faced during these unprecedented times, including the difficulty of providing a consistent high level of education with so many barriers to overcome.

 I have often included in my staff and family newsletters the statement, “we will be stronger after this is over.” That statement is based on the fact that when people battle through adversity, rely on one another’s strengths and support each other to progress toward a common goal, we grow as individuals and we grow as a collective group. A great example of how past support has allowed us to find success in times of adversity is the bond the Fenton community passed in 2014.  Before we were forced into remote learning last March, and before we knew we would have to distribute over 2,000 chromebooks so our students had the tools to learn from home, the community supported a bond to help FAPS fill a large technology gap for our students and staff. The research, the planning, and the thoughtful roll out of our technology plan, allowed us to meet the many challenges of remote learning that many school districts could not. We have made great strides in filling our teaching and learning toolbox with the right technology tools and adjusting our instructional practices to advocate using technology in purposeful and meaningful ways. The support the greater Fenton community continues to provide, the innovative thinking of the FAPS Board of Education and the grit of our FAPS staff, students and families, have not only helped us navigate through these challenging times, but will prove to be the catalyst for becoming a stronger school community when this is over.

 On behalf of the FAPS Board of Education, FAPS Administration and the FAPS school community, Happy New Year!

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