A few years ago, a home security rep came to install a system at my house. Quickly, I realized he was there to install our system and sell us an upgrade. At one point he answered my objections by asking how much our refrigerator cost. “Around $2,000,” I said. “And that just protects your foo…

Regular readers of The Times have noticed some changes in the paper over the last month – and a number of you have commented about the changes. Thank you for noticing and thank you for commenting.

I’ve always considered myself a person who loves change, but after doing a bit of research for this column I realized that “love” may be too strong of a word.

  Editor’s note: This monthly column, The Generation Gap, runs exclusively in the Midweek edition. This week’s columnists are Linda Ray, 74, of Argentine Township and Shelby Runyan, 26, of Howell, formerly employed in Fenton with many local family members.

 Editor’s Note: The Generation Gap, a series that is exclusive to the Midweek Times, features opinions from people in our community who are of different generations.

 “Bohemian Rhapsody,” like many biopics, is a basic summary of history, with an eye on simplifying for brevity and drama. Some basic events in their timeline were changed by years, to squeeze everything into a story that can triumphantly end with Queen’s Live Aid performance.

 I started my Diet Coke habit in the early ’70s by drinking multiple cans of Tab every day. Remember that hot pink can with light pink stripes? It was every teen girl’s favorite drink of choice in high school.

One of the best things about being a millennial is learning which industry we’re currently hurting and/or killing. You’d think we were a bunch of blood-thirsty young ‘uns looking for our next prey if you see all the headlines.

Fenton Twp. — The voting experience should be quick, painless, and end with a congratulatory sticker. For election inspectors and everyone else who works to ensure voting days run smoothly, the experience is much longer.

Suzhou, China — From March 3 to 17, I was more than 7,000 miles away from Michigan, visiting my parents in Suzhou, China. 

 I am 24 years old and have never taken out a credit card. I don’t see the point.  

 Parents, don’t trust YouTube. It’s not a kid-friendly site anymore.

While I attended Western Michigan University, a guy would stand at the flagpoles and shout that everyone besides Bible-thumping Christians were going to hell. Many believed this was an attempt to get people to hit him so he could sue the university.

In 1975, there was an apartment fire in Boston. People were rushing out of the building, but there are only so many exits. Diane Bryant, 19, and her 2-year-old niece, Tiare Jones, got out on the fire escape to escape the blaze.

I have a problem. It arises when I’m working, when I’m eating, when I’m hanging out with my friends, when I’m watching an all-right TV show, and almost every waking minute when my mind isn’t 100-percent focused on something— the urge to check my phone.

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day (IWD). Let’s celebrate with some facts.

 All calories are not created equal. In 1980, cases of type 2 diabetes in children, previously known as “adult onset diabetes,” were practically unheard of. From 2001 to 2009, type 2 diabetes rose 30 percent in children ages 10 to 19.

Imagine you are 4 inches tall, and sitting behind the wheel of a radio-controlled car. You set up an obstacle course around your home, and blast through it with ease, through a virtual reality (VR) head set.

Recently the Michigan House of Representatives began its 99th session. The first bill introduced deals with an important issue…rolling back Michigan’s income tax. The second bill, HB-4002, introduced by Rep. Rob Verheulen (R-Walker) is a replica of the bill introduced in the last two session…

I’ve heard the phrase “make America great again” hundreds of times on TV, online, on shirts, and even on an old classmate’s Facebook page. It’s everywhere.

There’s this trend in the millennial generation called “adulting,” which refers to completing adult-like activities like paying bills, setting up doctor’s appointments, and cleaning.

I’ve heard people say that millennials don’t have to worry about much.  

Young people do have manners even if we spend too much time on our smartphones.

Not everyone knows this, but there is a hidden feature on every car that alerts other drivers to where you’re going by connecting tools on your steering wheel to the lighting system on the outside of your car.

Starting a column in a new newspaper can really rattle your nerves. It feels like going to junior high for the first time. Are the other kids gonna like me? Are they going to laugh at my haircut? Is someone going to pants me in the hallway and shove me into the girls’ locker room? Yeah, that…

Admittedly, it’s early. But Republicans and Democrats are lining up for 2016. No fewer than 19 Republican self-declared candidates showed up in New Hampshire last week. They’d no sooner left than Hillary Clinton showed up as the lone Democratic candidate. There’s the difference: Republicans …

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from Republicans about Barack Obama is: Boy, were we wrong to elect a first-term senator as president. We’ll never make that mistake again!