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You will either love or hate knowing about these two websites. Actually, I predict you’ll quickly decide to use them, but I expect you’ll be frightened by them at the same time. And you probably should be.

 I was seeking a fast way to find mailing addresses for some acquaintances, so I could send them “cheer up” cards (yes, I still send “snail mail” cards. That’s a topic for another day.)

 That’s when I came upon the website. Simply type in the person’s name and city, and you’ll find exact addresses, including their nine-digit Zip Code. You’ll even find their exact age (that’s kind of scary to be sure.)

 But there’s so much more information offered when you click on the “View All Details” button — former mailing addresses, landline and cell phone numbers and even email addresses (I have found that many of these addresses are out-dated.)

 Even more scary are the other details offered — possible relatives, people you may associate with and even hints at your court, marriage and arrest records. Most of this data is available for free and with no further effort on your part, but remember they DO want you to continue clicking on their paid links, where you can purchase even more information.

 You can also use True People Search if you have an unknown phone number (Reverse Phone) or have a street address you’d like to know more about (Reverse Address) with limited success.

 Most of the information found here seems to be compiled from public documents such as leases, mortgages, loans and land transfers. I find this site fascinating yet very frightening, because of how much they know about you.

 Now, I expect the first thing you’ll try is to enter your own name, which is a normal and human thing to do. Then, you’ll probably enter a family member, neighbor, friend and then enemy. It all comes up quickly, anonymously and at no cost. They seem to know more about us than we do.

 Since you’re already searching, here’s the second similar and scary website to explore: in any browser. This one gives you census history plus more details when you click on “Living People Records.” It also encourages you to buy more access — but don’t do that. Just keep searching the free areas, to shudder a little, while you learn a lot.

 While we’re sharing internet websites, here’s one for you that’s just for fun … but, I’ll bet you’ll spend too much time on it, as I do. Go to to learn how much famous people make. For instance, Michigan’s own Bob Seger is worth $45 million, the site says. These are educated guesses, but they are oh such fun time-wasters, with a good helping of gossip thrown in for free.

Opinions offered in this column are the author’s alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Tri-County Times or its staff. Email Mark Rummel at

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