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THOUGHT #1 — Longtime newspaper writer Bob Talbert offered a “Monday Moanin’ column” every week, as a round-up of multiple topics. I always looked forward to those tidbits of wisdom and humor, so — in his memory — I’m adapting the moanin’ concept for use now and then. You’re welcome.

 THOUGHT #2 — Even though most youngsters complain about it, I’m estimating 98 percent of kids are glad to be back in school, as summer vacations have ended. I vividly remember the smells, sights and sounds of my classrooms every year, with new crayons, pencils and notepads. It was good seeing friends again, too, as we began the steady routine of learning everything possible from new teachers starting on page one of those big textbooks.

 But it was still a great feeling — we kids were a year older and felt much more grown up. Now I’m wondering: why in the world did we want to hurry to be adults?

 THOUGHT #3 — Why do our eyes and ears get bombarded with so many lawyer ads on local TV stations? I’ve recently watched channels in Detroit, Lansing, Traverse City and out of state. There are easily four times as many lawyer ads here, on our Flint-Saginaw-Bay City stations, all day long.

 Is that because Flint area folks like to sue others more than in other communities? Is it because opportunistic lawyers (who mostly do not even live around here) think everybody wants to sue everybody else, for every reason, every time?

 To avoid this, I record ALL the shows I view, rather than watch them live. I don’t even watch newscasts live, and I’m a news junkie. I’ll start viewing a show maybe 20 minutes after it begins, so I can fast-forward through those dumb commercials.

 At first, I expected cable or satellite channels wouldn’t present so many legal ads, but I was mistaken. Today’s broadcast technology offers those ads on cable shows, too. And, we see more of them here than in any other Michigan TV market, even Detroit. That’s very, very sad.

 THOUGHT #4 — As a lifetime music historian and song lover, I’ve always liked the story of how the late country singer Conway Twitty got his name. He was born Harold Jenkins and began his recording career with that forgettable name. Looking at a map, he put together the town names of Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas. And Conway Twitty the entertainer was created.

 THOUGHT #5 — Along that line, I can’t wait for the Ken Burns PBS TV documentary on Country Music, which begins Sunday night, Sept. 15. It will cover eight nights across two weeks, and it should be amazing. I didn’t listen to country music growing up, but I so greatly respect the performers and history of this uniquely American music form.

 And since it’s PBS, there won’t be any commercials, not even from lawyers...

Opinions offered in this column are the author’s alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Tri-County Times or its staff. Email Mark Rummel at news@tctimes.com.

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