Life was very different in America 50 years ago. That’s because the beginnings of the internet happened by mistake in California on Oct. 29, 1969.

These are the first four things I will do if I become president (or king or czar or whatever). I don’t expect that to happen, but we all should be ready for these changes — just in case:

THOUGHT #1 — Longtime newspaper writer Bob Talbert offered a “Monday Moanin’ column” every week, as a round-up of multiple topics. I always looked forward to those tidbits of wisdom and humor, so — in his memory — I’m adapting the moanin’ concept for use now and then. You’re welcome.

Several readers have shared their thoughts about my recent column, which discussed “How much profit is the right amount?” in business today. Some believe stores should just raise prices to make more money and become more profitable.

This isn’t a trick question, but I expect most people won’t know the correct answer: What is the profit margin for an average business in the U.S.?

You will either love or hate knowing about these two websites. Actually, I predict you’ll quickly decide to use them, but I expect you’ll be frightened by them at the same time. And you probably should be.

Our generations today cannot imagine how big an impact movie theaters had in small towns from the 1930s to the 1960s. With their flashing, multi-colored, glittering lights and huge screens, movie theaters brought a few hours of stardom straight from glamorous Hollywood to our towns for penni…

It’s an honor that I’ve been chosen to write a few words here occasionally about life in general and perhaps life in our Tri-County area in particular. I’m even blushing a little.

Our United States were really rural in the 1930s. More than half of our residents lived on farms or in “the country.” Farm families labored long hours, with much hand work and sparse equipment, and each farm fed about four people. That’s what is called self-sustaining.

While I scratch my head when asked to list the signers of the Declaration of Independence, name my congressman or to recall something else equally important, my mind somehow gathers and remembers far less valuable tidbits. It always has and it probably always will.