It is a very good thing that I don’t have school-aged children. If I did, there might be bloodshed at my house if homeschooling had to happen. I am not a teacher and relied very heavily on those educators who made sure my sons made it out of high school with a diploma. To my good fortune, my sons are very intelligent, did well in school (and college later) and were well-behaved most of the time.

 I say most of the time because as good as my boys were, I know that I was lucky — very lucky! Kids are going to be kids no matter who they are, where they are, how they were raised, or what kind of deadly germs are floating around. I believe sending them back to school in a few weeks could be a huge mistake.

 I don’t think government or school officials are considering the normal everyday behavior of kids. Bullies did not go away. The kids with behavioral problems did not go away. The kids with emotional problems did not go away. The kids with real mental and physical challenges did not go away. Even the most normal of children will occasionally do something really stupid. And if you ask them why, they shrug their little shoulders and say, “I dunno.” And they don’t know, they don’t know why they did it, only that they could so they did.

 Parents are going to have to put the fear of God into their kids just to make sure they adhere to the simplest of rules, all the time.

 Do you remember riding the bus to school? I do! It was three kids to a seat, arms and legs everywhere, and if it was wintertime there was a lot of sneezy snot blowin’ around that bus. What happens when the bus goes rockin’ and rollin’ down the back roads? It will be impossible for kids not to touch each other, even if they do limit it to two per seat.

 Will there be parents on the bus to make sure kids keep their masks on and keep their hands to themselves? I doubt it.

 When they arrive at school, there will be a flurry of activity as they put their coats and boots in their cubbies or lockers. Will there be parents there to make sure the kids follow the “pandemic rules” when they arrive, in the cafeteria at lunch and throughout the day? I don’t think so.

 “He pulled my mask off!” “She broke the straps on my mask.” “He spit on me.” “She didn’t wash her hands.” “He ran his hands across all the lockers.” “Put those tables back where they were.” “Keep your hands to yourself!” It will be nonstop all day! Will it be worth it? I hope so, but kids are going to be kids no matter what. And sending them back to school early could be a big mistake.

 Just sayin’!

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