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There is someone I know who has suffered with an eating disorder called bulimia for years. She is single, attractive, very well educated, has a great job and is a joy to be around.

 But she doesn’t think so, especially when it comes to men. She works out regularly and recently lost 25 pounds but is not proud because as she puts it, “I look in the mirror and I’m still gross. I don’t think I look any different. Every day I think about this ‘funny’ meme a guy posted about how girls over a certain weight should be shot with an elephant gun and feel guilty for eating anything. Yep, I got it. Men don’t like fat girls.”

 In my opinion, her biggest problem is not her weight or how she looks, it’s about her attitude and not giving men a chance and the credit they deserve. Sure, there are some who say things like the guy she quoted, but they are not all like that, not even close. And is he really the man you want to impress?

 This young woman has been looking for the “right guy” for almost her entire adult life and hasn’t been able to stay in a relationship for more than a year or so, and I have to wonder why.

 If you ask any guy what he is looking for in a partner, he most likely would not say he wants someone who looks like a magazine model. He would say he wants to be with someone with whom he has something in common, someone with a good sense of humor he can talk to, explore shared interests and have fun doing things together.

 Most of the men I’ve known in my life say “no thanks” to the woman who is obsessed with her weight, makeup and hair, and clothes. That is actually a big boring turn off.

 Perhaps this young woman would be better off stepping away from the mirror and the scale and get out more. She just might meet that man of her dreams.

 Just sayin’!

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