What would you consider to be the most versatile word in the English language? Yes, I know it’s not something we often think about, so here’s a clue: This word has more meanings and definitions than any other word in the dictionary, as well as the ability to be a verb, a noun, an adjective, an adverb or a preposition. Amazingly, it has only two letters, yet it’s definition is the largest and longest description in the dictionary.

 Do you give UP?

 Okay, that’s enough drama – I give you the most humble, most versatile and most popular word in the English language (drum roll please) … UP!

 We start our day when we wake UP. Then we get UP. Then we wash UP. Then put on make-UP. Then we dress UP and go to work where problems come UP and where employees speak UP until the boss says to shut UP and then a secretary writes a report UP.

 Political candidates are UP for election. Some of them screw UP. Most of them are screwed UP.

 We call UP our friends, brighten UP a room, warm UP leftovers and clean UP a mess.

 If rain is threatening we say it is clouding UP, but we hope it clears UP and the sun shows UP, so we keep our hopes UP.

 People stir UP trouble, line UP for tickets, work UP an appetite, and think UP excuses.

 Young men call a girl UP, get dressed UP, then show UP to pick their date UP.

 Fathers tell sons to be a grown-UP, and it’s UP to them not to screw UP.

 Crooks give UP and put their hands UP when the gig is UP.

 Every day we wake UP, sit UP, get UP, shut UP, stand UP, crack UP, call UP, speak UP, hurry UP, catch UP and finish UP. We get worked UP, but we never give UP.

 Many of us get picked UP, fed UP, wound UP, mixed UP, worked UP, sized UP and messed UP.

 We call UP, look UP, make UP, give UP, stand UP and get mixed UP.

 I’ve been liquored UP, sized UP, beat UP and locked UP (where I then threw UP).

 Girls get dolled UP, men get dressed UP. Drains get stopped UP and we think UP excuses.

 Kids are UP to something. Mom has had it UP to here. Grandpa has worked UP an appetite and Grandma is pushing UP daisies.

 We open UP our businesses each morning and close them UP each night.

 Houses burn UP if the firemen don’t show UP.

 People bark UP the wrong tree and get UP on the wrong side of the bed. People crack UP, dredge UP, end UP, fix UP, act UP, grow UP, hush UP, make UP knock UP look UP, own UP, pay UP, shut UP, open UP, crack UP, wise UP and zip UP.

 We can glance UP, sit UP, mix UP, start UP, keep UP, freshen UP and show UP.

 I could go on but my time is UP, so we will wrap this UP and I will just shut UP.

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