You, the voters, need to know that 29 states and 263 counties now have ballots in both English and Spanish. Why would a ballot need to be written in English and Spanish when, by law, you are required to be proficient in English in order to become a citizen and, therefore, be eligible to vote?

 What defines American citizens is being diluted and destroyed by demented Democrats willing to do anything to obtain power, except listen to the people they claim they represent.

 Believe it or not, there was a time when immigrants came to this country with the desire to become an American, not a hyphenated American. Yes, there were always ethnic neighborhoods in major cities — Little Italy, Chinatown etc. — that immigrants moved to upon their arrival. It made sense, they had limited to no English skills, so being able to communicate in their native tongue was understandable. But these neighborhoods were not their landing strips, they were the launching pads to their goal of becoming Americans. Immigrants stayed in those only as long as it took them to learn the language, learn what it took to assimilate. Then they moved on.

 These days immigrants are encouraged by Democrats and the leftists to preserve their allegiance to their native land, to reject assimilation and maintain the cultures they, in most instances, fled from to improve their lives. Over time, this leads to a nation of people with nothing in common and limited ability to communicate with each other — and the liberals love that. Divide and conquer is their agenda.

 Democrats insist that encouraging assimilation into America by people seeking to become Americans is racist. “Celebrate diversity,” they shriek. Diversity is defined by Webster as: “the condition of having or being composed of differing elements.” Note the word composed, meaning a single entity. The left doesn’t want that. They want to divide and conquer the conservatives by fostering enmity and division in race and ethnicity. The more different we are, the more likely we will be a “house divided,” and thereby they can indoctrinate immigrants, both legal and illegal, to believe they are being racially discriminated against by being forced to follow the rules of immigration that have existed for a hundred years.

 When my brother enlisted in the Marine Corps his squad consisted of whites, blacks, native American Indians, Jews, Mexicans and Asians — they were all Marines, but more importantly, they were all Americans, all fighting for the same thing — America. They knew that as a team they could survive in the jungles of Vietnam. If they weren’t a team, they wouldn’t survive. The same goes for our country.

 There is a reason for the saying “divide and conquer.” It works. If you can divide a group, a team, an organization or a country, you can destroy them. The Democrats are intentionally dividing our house, America, for their own personal, political and fiscal gain. They are literally willing to destroy the greatest country that has ever existed in their pursuit of political power.

 Know what you are actually voting for on Tuesday. We will be deciding whether we want to become a nation where it’s more advantageous to be here illegally than it is to be a tax-paying citizen.

 That’s what we are really voting for in this election.

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