• You have to have ID to buy alcohol, you have to have ID to get a job, you have to have ID to open a bank account or buy a gun. So, will someone please tell me again how voter ID is racist?

 • Cost to America to build the wall: $10 billion. Cost to America each year from illegal immigrants: over $50 billion. Why is this a debate?

 • I’m going to change my last name to Acula, then become a doctor.

 • Government logic: illegal immigrants who are unable to prove they are a citizen receive free health care paid for by those of us who are forced to buy health insurance because we are citizens.

 • Why do illegal immigrants get free premium health care while our veterans wait months, or even years, for medical care after fighting for our safety and freedom?

 • Have you ever wondered why the Democrats always start out in the lead early in the elections? The Republicans aren’t home from work yet.

 • Will someone please tell me why, when an American citizen is convicted of a crime and sentenced to prison and is separated from his children, no one gives a crap. But when an illegal alien is caught and convicted of a crime and separated from their kids, it is a horrible tragedy?

 • Gun Control: I do not understand the logic that says being a defenseless murder victim is morally superior to defending yourself and your family.

 • Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Give a man a welfare check, a cell phone, food stamps and Section 8 housing and he will vote Democratic the rest of his life.

 • All of the following people were exempted from Obamacare: Barack Obama and his family, Congress and their families, Justice Department and their families, Supreme Court members and their families, Federal judges and their families and more than 1,200 corporations and unions. Guess who Obama didn’t exempt? You. And me.

 • Maybe it’s just me, but I get annoyed that every time Ivanka Trump is interviewed she is asked what she thinks of the way her dad treats women, but not one single reporter has ever asked Chelsea Clinton the same question.

 • Nancy Pelosi logic (quote:) “Just because someone is here illegally doesn’t mean they broke any of our laws.”

 • It was “Give me liberty or give me death,” not “Give me free housing, free food, free condoms, free health care and free cell phones” and forcing the people who actually work for a living to pay for it all.

 • So, let me get this straight: We are a nation that hates pornography but allows XXX filth to be available to our children 24/7. We are a nation that doesn’t believe in genders, but fights for women’s rights. We are a nation that believes ‘no child should be left behind’ but have cavalierly slaughtered over 60 million babies. Aren’t these all Democratic policies?

 • “He sees you when you’re sleeping…?” Isnt’ that really creepy? Not to mention illegal?

 • So, let me get this straight: The left completely controls our education system. The media is totally controlled by leftist reporters and owners. And the anti-conservative entertainment industry that inundates our children with massive violent movies is 100 percent controlled by radical liberals. And yet, they still don’t understand why kids are shooting up the schools?

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