S anta Fe is the latest site of a deadly school shooting. 

Like it or not, our children are sitting ducks in their schools these days. Despite the fact that our children are the most important thing in the world to us, no one has had the testicular fortitude to state the obvious: We must have armed security in our schools at all times.

History shows that a typical school shooting is less than three minutes in duration. History also shows that it takes the police, on average, five to eight minutes to arrive at any crime scene.

Why is it that we do not protect our most precious asset, our children, like we protect our banks, our police stations or our courthouses? Many retirement communities throughout the U.S. are gated, with guards and barriers restricting access. Most Hollywood elites live 24/7 in secured enclaves with armed guards to ensure their safety. What logic dictates that our children are not entitled to the same level of security and protection as the rich and famous?

So, why would any parent be opposed to armed personnel being on site at any location where our children are present in an unguarded, easy to access, open-to-the-public facility that operates on a predictive, publicly known schedule?

Across America there are mothers that show up to school board meetings to emotionally advocate against any armed police officers in their kids’ school. That means these parents do not want anyone present at the school their children attend that would be able to stop a shooter.

I believe that most, if not all, parents value their children’s lives above anything on earth. Hell, it’s ingrained in our DNA to protect our children so that they can live on and have their own children, and so on, and so on. And yet very few schools in the U.S. have implemented full-time, armed and trained, security personnel. 

So why don’t we do this? Why do people stupidly pretend that advocating for laws that restrict ownership of guns is the solution? And, most importantly, why are these horrible incidents happening more frequently, despite guns being around for several hundred years with few, if any, mass murders?

Here is the one-word answer: Liberals. The people whose policies created the problem. Make no mistake, most liberals do not want immediate response measures in place at our schools. Why? Because the immediate response to bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. And they have spent so much time and effort on vilifying the inanimate object known as a gun that admitting that it can actually be the solution, not the problem, becomes a political nightmare for them.

But, I digress. You need to take action in your schools and communities. Your school board needs to hire an expert to evaluate your school’s needs and to recommend a specific and customized security plan, everything from reducing entrance points to adding metal detectors, to deploying the necessary number of security guards. Solving the problem is literally that simple. We just have to do it. We don’t want to learn this lesson the hard way.

Don’t be shy and don’t worry about offending anyone. It’s our job to protect our children.

Hell, it’s our job to protect all of America’s children.

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