I am the kind of American that many of my fellow Americans wish would go away. I like police officers. They protect my family and keep them safe when I’m not at home. I like soldiers — all soldiers, they risk their lives in order for us to be able to live our lives in freedom and safety. Thank you for your service.

 I like people who own weapons, know how to shoot, how to handle themselves and who would have my back in a fight if it went down that way. I like the people who are preparing for Armageddon, the so-called preppers. They are ready for anything. We can learn something from them.

 I don’t like our federal government. The majority of the Washington, D.C. politicians don’t give a $#!+ about you, me, or any other citizen. They are sheep in wolves clothing, conning the helpless citizens they steal from year after year.

 I don’t like my hard-earned money being stolen through a legalized form of confiscation of private property, disguised under the premise of taxation. And I am concerned that our public school systems are being taken over by radical teachers and unions.

 I don’t like the government giving my money to those who refuse to work, in order to ensure their vote in the next election. I don’t like it that many of these thieves can be seen working out at the local gym in the morning, and pulling their disability check out of the mailbox in the afternoon. Why should the government be able to confiscate a citizen’s hard-earned money and use it to buy the votes of those who won’t work? It’s a disgraceful and dysfunctional system.

 I do like local politics. You can pick up the phone and call who is in charge and share your concerns with them. Most of our leaders in Fenton, Linden and Holly are people that we are likely to run into at the grocery store. And most of them live in the same community they are serving, and thus have the same concerns that we, the citizenry, do.

 I am happy to pay taxes for street lights, good roads, police protection, safe water, schools and safety of our kids. I don’t see any logic in giving healthy men and women who can work, but won’t work, a free house, money for food and a cell phone for years on end. Go get a job and go to work each day — like the rest of us do.

 I believe there are only two genders. I don’t believe that boys and girls should ever be sharing the same bathroom. I think that any employer that is inappropriate in the work place should be accountable for his, or her, actions. I think all women should be treated in the same manner you would treat your mother. I believe that anyone who believes differently is a fool.

 I respect the NRA. I like parents who discipline their children in public when necessary. I believe our schools and universities are corrupted by radical teachers and so-called professors. I think that paying $20,000 to $40,000 a year for college is criminal.

I like seeing families in church.

 And I like people who are proud to have an American flag flying on their front porch.

 I am an American.

Original author unknown

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