W e are all familiar with the sad stories of talented people who intentionally destroy themselves. Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe and many more who had it all, yet threw it all away.

 I think that America will soon be on this list. We’re the greatest nation that ever existed, yet the left is hell-bent on destroying it all.

 Education? Hell, teacher unions have destroyed public schools, populating the leadership with radical liberals who are so busy stuffing political propaganda and liberalism down students’ throats that there is little time for math, history or science. Meanwhile, everyone is taught that nothing is wrong, bathrooms don’t matter and all participants are winners. That’s why so many milksop men walk out of college after four years proudly carrying their “participation trophy” while searching for a “safe space.”

 If these are the leaders of tomorrow, God help us.

 We’re a nation full of silver spoon adults throwing tantrums because even though we have it better than anyone else in the world, it’s still not as perfect as some people say it can be. We’ve become so weak, decadent and reluctant to obey the rule of law that we reward illegal aliens for breaking the law. Morally, we’ve become so lost that many people think the bad guys are the ones who want to stick to the fair and just laws on the books.

 We have the mightiest military in the world. But today it is so overburdened with restrictions on every front that we can’t engage any enemy without pansy-ass lawyers and meddling politicians making decisions about whom we can and cannot attack while sitting in their plush Washington, D.C. offices.

 Hollywood is a crap-hole of filth and profanity disguised as entertainment. We revere the f-bombs, porn and decadence they feed our children daily and never hold them accountable by refusing to pay good money to hear and see their anti-American, anti-morality messages. Who is the real fool here?

 What is our government doing about the debt? Nothing of consequence. What about Medicare and Social Security? Both programs are vital to senior citizens; yet they’re not sustainable. What’s being done to protect those programs? Nothing of any consequence. Our politicians are mostly the sons of rich men who have no interest in tackling America’s real problems. They may not know how to fix the debt or do anything else right, but they have strong opinions on what the team name of the politically incorrect Washington Redskins should be changed to.

 This is what we’ve done with a great nation handed to us on a silver platter by our ancestors and protected by the constitution they penned. A beacon of light, a city on a hill, a shelter from the tyranny that grips so much of the rest of the planet — and we’re systematically destroying and degrading everything they built.

 We are sitting on the sidelines watching this great legacy, passed on to us by men better than ourselves, being intentionally devastated, dismantled and destroyed.

 We should be ashamed of what we’re allowing to happen.  

 I know I am.

Opinions offered in If I Were King are the author’s alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Tri-County Times or its staff. Email the King at Some content adapted from the internet.

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