There used to be a sleazy show on TV called ‘Girls Gone Wild!’ that I have (ahem), viewed occasionally, strictly for professional reasons. The very few times I viewed the program (again, for professional reasons), it appeared to consist exclusively of clips of outrageous behavior by very pretty, but very drunk, girls doing things they would likely never do were they not greatly inebriated.

 I think we should have a show called ‘Democrats Gone Wild!’ To say their behavior is outrageous would be a colossal understatement. It would be a program that would consist exclusively of idiotic public statements and actions that they would likely never do were they not drunk with power. Here’s a preview of a recent episode of DGW!

 Nancy Pelosi pooh-poohs the ridiculous idea that America needs secure borders and says that only a bigot like Donald Trump would propose such a ridiculous idea. Never mind that just four months ago Pelosi voted to allot $1.6 billion to build the wall.

 Recently elected radical socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, New York, wants not only open borders but to abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which is charged with keeping us safe from drug dealers and violent criminals. She also proposes a confiscatory tax as high as 70 percent, and free college tuition for all. She is a big hit with the left wherever she speaks.

 New York State’s Democrats last week legalized late-term abortion right up to a baby’s due date.  Virginia’s Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam (yes, he is the “black-face” guy on all the news channels) endorsed a proposed law that would allow the abortion of a full-term baby even during a woman’s labor. To clarify, a full-term live baby, pulled out of a woman’s body with his or her eyes wide open, could be legally murdered by medical staff.

 Democrat Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren wants to seize and redistribute income from “the rich” and backs government control of corporations and “Medicare for All.”

 Democrats are deploying an LGBTQ legal agenda that will criminalize conservative religious views, using  transgenderism as the spearpoint.  To clarify, say good-bye to freedom of speech in New York.

 Meanwhile, the Liberal-lead abomination of “Drag Queen Story Hours” for children is spreading across the nation.  To clarify, it is just what it says — Drag Queens, in full female dress (yuck) are invited to read stories in public libraries, public schools, bookstores and more while wearing their Drag Queen costumes. Insanity? Yup. Thank you Democrats.

 About 10 days ago the Democrat-run House Natural Resources Committee drafted a new oath for witnesses testifying in a court of law that removes the “so help you God” portion.  After a Fox News story stirred a backlash, the Democrats backed off and voted to keep God in the oath.  

 There is more, much more, political insanity being perpetrated. Most of it you won’t hear about because the news media is unabashedly pro-Liberal and anti-Conservative for the simple reason that it is good business. The more frightened the populace is, the more they will watch the news programs and the more money the networks will rake in.

 Given the historic record of human misery produced by socialism (just look at Venezuela), you’d have to be crazy to want to push our country in that direction.

 Wouldn’t you?

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