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One of the best shows on Netflix is “Black Mirror.” Each episode features a different situation with advanced technology.

 Many are cautionary tales. Others are downright frightening. This is my ranking of six Black Mirror episodes in order of how much the technology scared me. 

 6. “Arkangel” is about an implant parents can put in children that allows them to see what their children sees, monitor their location, and blur images that causes their children to feel discomfort along with other invasive actions. A mom wants to protect her daughter, but as she grows, her daughter realizes her lack of privacy is a major hindrance. 

 5. In “The Entire History of You,” people have an implanted device, which records everything their eyes see. You can rewatch memories, watch parties through your friends’ perspectives, and it seems cool until you realize that it doesn’t allow anyone to lie. 

 4. Some episodes show military technology used to control people. In “Men Against Fire,” soldiers have implants that warp what they see as reality, making it easier for them to kill humans en masse. In “Metalhead,” the protagonist flees from killing robot dogs. While both are terrifying, I think the technology that disrupts or poisons social norms are arguably more disturbing. 

 3. “Nosedive” shows a world in which everyone’s socioeconomic status is heavily influenced, if not completely determined, by rankings on social media. Everyone uses an app, very similar to Facebook, where they rank everyone else. The higher the rating, the better house they can get. The more promotions they get. The more people like them. 

 The episode starts hopeful but quickly nosedives as the protagonist tries to improve her score.

 2. Perhaps the most disturbing is “Be Right Back.” In this episode, a woman’s boyfriend dies in a car accident. She’s grieving and it’s incredibly sad, but it gets really disturbing when she uploads his personality into a synthetic body that looks exactly like her deceased boyfriend.

 1. “USS Callister” is my favorite episode, in part because the technology is equally cool as it is frightening. It’s also very “Star Trek.” In this episode, a star video game developer has technology that allows him to take someone’s DNA and upload them into his personal video game where he’s the captain of a ship. Real life isn’t affected, but he’s cruel to these people in his game. It’s equally satisfying as it is freaky. 

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