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I was disappointed with the last two seasons of Game of Thrones. The episodes were rushed, plot-driven instead of character-focused, and the number of unanswered questions and unused devices are baffling.

 It’s still one of my favorite shows, book series, and stories of all time.

 One of my favorite themes, if not the best in the entire series, is good vs. evil. I’d argue Cersei was the main villain, but who was the main hero? We thought it was Ned Stark, but he was beheaded. Then it was Robb Stark, but he met a similar fate. If it’s Daenerys, that means we were rooting for someone who came from terrible circumstances, but still crucified former slave owners, locked people in vaults and left them to die, burned so many alive and much more.

 Daenerys was not a forgiving ruler, even if she had good intentions. Author George R. R. Martin made us love and root for someone who did terrible things. Genius writing.

 Jon Snow could be the main hero. He was honest to a fault and had to throw away his morals and vows for the good of the kingdom and world. I love when good characters have to do something bad. His character was built on morals and upholding vows, and that one scene was such a stunner (though not unexpected).

 The main reason why the last two seasons are so different is because Martin has a very different writing style than showrunners David Benioff and D. B. Weiss. Martin is a panster, meaning he writes “by the seat of his pants.” This is an in-the-moment way of writing that, if done well and remains consistent, creates amazing characters who readers completely understand. This in turn makes the plot organic.  

 D&D are plotters. Their goal is to hit the main plot points and wrap storylines. When D&D ran out of source material (Martin has yet to finish the last three books) the show’s motivations drastically changed even if the plot points are similar between the two mediums. Instead of letting characters reach their destiny, the last two seasons dragged them along through mud and fire.

 I’m not going to sign that petition to remake the last two seasons, no matter how upset I am that D&D rushed the ending to the best fantasy show ever just so they could work on Star Wars.

 Martin reportedly envisioned the end to the books similar to how the show ended, and I’m okay with that. I am satisfied with who won the game of thrones. I love where Sansa is, and I love that Jon Snow can walk his direwolf in the north with Tormund.

 The show did it terribly, but I have faith the books will do the story justice.

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