I love it when businesses get creative to provide new and exciting experiences for their customers. It’s that entrepreneurial spirit that creates a new service to be enjoyed by many and if it’s in the tri-county area, all the better.

 As an example, I was thoroughly impressed with a new, but very old, venue in downtown Holly. I’m talking about the new Alley Cat Club in the lower level of the Holly Hotel on Battle Alley. My husband and I were one of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to attend its private opening last Friday night. Based on how busy all of the businesses were and where we had to park, downtown Holly was apparently the place to be with homecoming and a wedding. This coming weekend will be the Alley Cat Club’s public grand opening.

 The Holly Hotel was built in the early 1900s and in 1913, it suffered a fire, which destroyed the second and third floors. The owner at that time, Joseph P. Allen of New York, rebuilt the structure in the style of the Victorian period and dubbed it the Allendorf Hotel, imitating New York’s Waldorf fame. The Holly Hotel caught fire again in 1978 and it underwent a two-year renovation to bring it back to its original design.

 Those who have been in this area for a long time will remember the Holly Hotel Comedy Club, which is where the Alley Cat Club is located.

 There’s so much history to this Holly landmark and I was so excited to be part of the opening of the new club. When we walked downstairs and into the room, I immediately thought I was walking back in time, to an era of dimly lit lounges, oversized chairs upholstered in leather, small marble tables and a stage in the corner for musicians to entertain the audience. The cozy room reminded me of one of the swanky lounges you’d see on a cruise ship, with an equestrian flair.

 The 1940s-inspired private club will feature live jazz, blues, singers and pianists. The Alley Cat Club also has plans to offer stand-up comedy, which I also am looking forward to. To make the experience more special, the club is going to be available only for Holly Hotel Dining Club members and their guests. For people who regularly go out, signing up as a club member opens the door for discounts and specials and who doesn’t like to be in on the discounts and special events?

 While my husband and I tried the complementary appetizers and cocktails Friday night, we were entertained by crooner Ryan Dehues and Marla Moore. Their duets were awesome. Imagine listening to the soulful voices of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Perry Como live in concert. That’s what we heard Friday night.

 If you have a special anniversary coming up or want to create a special memory with an important person in your life, check out the Alley Cat Club. Owners George and Chrissy Kutlenios have put decades of sweat and tears into the Holly Hotel and it shows.

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