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It’s pretty safe to say that for the next 20 days, you and your family will be bombarded with presidential campaign commercials. It’s expected and come Nov. 4, I really hope that TV shows will once again show ads on local businesses.

 Everyone knows that we will elect the next president on Nov. 3, but did you notice all of the local races and proposals in the Sunday, Oct. 11 issue of the Times that citizens in the tri-county area will decide? When the Times’ editorial staff started organizing our election coverage, I was caught off guard a bit by the number of races and the number of candidates in some races.

 Because of the pandemic and a projected high number of absentee voter ballots being requested and turned in, the Times published the local election coverage one week earlier than normal. Hopefully, you took the time to read about our local candidates, who also happen to be our neighbors and friends. There’s also a couple of statewide proposals and school millages to vote on.

 While the presidential race is important, it’s our local school boards that set policies regarding the education of our children. This can include everything from approved books, dress code and curriculum.

 Our local municipalities have the duty to approve or deny zoning requests, which can make or break a new development. Local boards adopt resolutions and approve ordinances, which can tell a local business how big their business sign can be, for example. When residents have a concern, they go to their local board to help with a solution.

 Our local legislators are tasked with proposing legislation that takes into account the needs of the local communities. The county sheriff races allow the citizens of each county to elect the face of law enforcement. Did you know that the next Genesee County Sheriff will be from Fenton Township or Linden?

 The age of candidates for the Nov. 3 election seem pretty typical. Many are retirees who want to make a difference in the community they love. I was impressed that a 23-year-old law student is running for a seat on the Fenton Township Board of Trustees. He told the Times that he was running because he wants to be part of a vibrant and growing community.

 The Times thanks all of the local candidates who took the time to let our readers know a little more about them and their family and what they can do for the community.

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