It’s difficult and stressful enough trying to host a large fundraising event. Throw in a global pandemic and things become even more challenging. However, the 20th annual Brad Stone Summer Classic is in the books and I could not be more grateful for everyone who made it happen.

 Kudos go to my husband, Jeff, who does all of the bookkeeping and organizational charts. I do more of the fluff stuff, but together, it all works. Another huge thank you goes to Christopher White, who runs Fenton Farms Golf Club. He and his staff, including Kat, Ronny, Doug, Kevin and others go above and beyond to take care of us and our golfers.

 We went into this year’s outing, just hoping that it could be held. We made no goals since, well, we are in the midst of a pandemic. We figured it is what it is this year. Surprisingly, with a mandatory reduced headcount, we filled the course and sponsorships came in at a near normal level.

 This community is very generous and the local businesses and families who supported us have been doing so for two decades. We have some sponsors, such as Sharp Funeral Homes, and some golfers who have not missed one outing. To me, this is incredible. My 90-year-old mom even carried my team.

 What also makes my heart so happy is to see a group of Brad’s friends come together to be at this outing to celebrate their friendship with Brad and their commitment to each other. Some have flown across the country to be here. The last time these men and women saw Brad was when they were just 12 years old. They’re now in their low 30s.

 We tried to make this year’s outing as normal as possible. We continued our tradition of giving each golfer our custom orange tournament hat, embroidered by Image Projections.

 Fenton Farms has learned a lot over these past few months in dealing with outdoor gatherings and serving dinners. We were blessed with our 20th year of perfect weather, which allowed for nearly our entire group to spread out at small tables under the big tent for our post-golf dinner and awards presentation.

 Our volunteers this year, including past scholarship winners Megan Lynch, and Maris Ferguson and her mom Jennifer Ferguson were a welcomed treat and we appreciate them sharing their day with us.

 Although bear hugs were replaced with air hugs, facemasks and hand sanitizer this year, the love for a little boy gone way too soon was as evident as ever.

 As a bonus, we raised another $12,000 for college scholarships in Brad’s memory. Until next year …

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