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Hopefully all of our valued readers noticed the Times’ new feature, which will be in every print edition in 2020. Placed strategically on page 3 beginning Sunday, Jan. 5, the Times, View Newspaper Group and Sharp Funeral Homes partnered to honor our local veterans.

 I’m very excited about this new feature. Although I did not serve our great country, I am surrounded by those who did, and those who have recently joined a branch of the military. I’ll bet you know many friends, family members and neighbors who served for reasons as individualized as they are.

 I have friends who met when they both enlisted in the Air Force over 30 years ago. One of my neighbors’ sons recently joined the Coast Guard and the son of one of my good friends recently joined the Air Force. I can only imagine the fear these parents have every time they turn on the news.

 I have a jacket my dad, Donald J. Richey, wore when he served in the Air Force during the Korean War, tucked away in my closet. He was a staff sergeant of the 661st Air Squadron based at Selfridge Air Force Base. Knowing he wore that jacket gives me much pride. He played on the Air Force baseball team and a little semi-pro ball after his discharge. He died in 2004 at the age of 75.

 The editorial department at the Times has reached out to our local veteran organizations seeking individuals that we can honor in one of our upcoming editions. Take a glance at page 3 of this issue to see what local veteran we are honoring this week.

 If you or a loved one served, let me, or anyone at the Times, know that you’d like to be represented in this new feature. Photos can be dropped off at our office, at 256 N. Fenway Dr., Fenton or emailed to me at sstone@tctimes.com. We do ask that veterans being honored be currently living in the tri-county area and honorably discharged. Honoring a veteran who has died requires that they have current ties to the tri-county area. Parents or grandparents who want to give a shout out to their son, daughter, grandson or granddaughter who are actively serving, also are welcome to send us information.

 The sacrifices our veterans and their families have made throughout our time as a country must never be forgotten. Our freedoms as we have become accustomed to are a direct result of these courageous and brave men and women.

 So, who’s the veteran or active military person in your life? Share your pride with us and let the Times feature them in 2020. 

Sharon Stone is the editor of the Tri-County Times. To contact her, email her at sstone@tctimes.com or call her at (810) 433-6786.

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