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One the BEST parts about living in the tri-county area is when visitors ask for my recommendations. “Where’s the BEST place to get pizza?” or “Where the BEST place to watch the big game?”

 Although we moved to downtown Fenton just seven years ago, we made quick work of finding the BEST places, so I love when people ask my opinion about where to go. I take it as a compliment.

 Perhaps an even bigger compliment is when people, who have lived in this community longer than us, ask things like who to see to get the BEST deal on a car or where they can pick up the BEST flowers for their significant other. Why do people ask me? 1. I work for the newspaper and in turn sometimes have an inside scoop and 2. I consume. A lot. I love shopping — be it for a new dress, a great piece of jewelry or a new house. And as previously mentioned, Matt and I love to consume food, drinks and good times. Plus, like any lucky homeowner I can tell you who the BEST plumber is. And let’s not forget the pampering we can all enjoy in our community. From the BEST salon to the BEST spa, I know who I trust to keep me looking fab.

 I know I’m not alone in knowing the BEST when it comes to almost any category of local business, which is I am so excited to invite you all to vote the in the first-ever Tri-County Times Best of the Best Readers Choice Awards!

 Find the ballot on pages 16-17 or online at and cast your vote! Encourage your friends, neighbors and the couple you always chat with at the BEST bar in town to do the same.

 Business owners, now is the time to kick off your Best of the Best campaign. Give me a ring or shoot me an email at and we’ll develop a marketing message that reminds community members why you’re the BEST!

 Readers and business owners can claim their bragging rights when the results are published in our Oct. 31 edition.

 The other BEST part of living in in the tri-county area? There are so many BESTs.

 I know who I’m voting for and I can’t wait to see your picks!

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