I once had business cards that read, “Can you do me a huge favor?” on the back. My friend and co-worker gave them to me as a sort of joke because, apparently, that’s my catch phrase. It’s true that it’s a main function of my job (and I guess my personality) to ask people to do things. Please buy this print ad, please sponsor this event, please volunteer this weekend. And if you’re my little brother or husband, please get me a glass of water.

 For the most part, I have a pleasant career. The people I’m asking to do or buy things are nice and understand that I’m asking them because it’s good for them and/or their business. But every once and awhile I run across a person who is not so nice.

 I know that managers and business owners are busy people. I know that this group of professionals is constantly asked to do and buy things. So, I understand why it can be hard to be nice all of the time. But here’s why it still surprises me when one of these people is rude to me or one of our team members — we are customers, too!

 We play, eat, live and shop locally. Thanks to the nature of our job, we have insight into where we want to do business based on the interactions we have.

 The need to be kind to sales professionals goes beyond that. A LinkedIn article on the topic by Adam Honig lists many reasons to be nice to sales people. Here are a few of his reasons and why I agree.

 You’ll get a better deal — We want you to reach your goals and within your budget. When we can work together with a client as a team that’s way easier.

 Their goal is to make you happy — I am a natural-born people pleaser and I bet most sales people are. We want everyone happy — our clients, our sponsors, our readers, our event attendees. If you’re happy, we’re happy.

 They are your family, friends and neighbors — Honig wrote, “Nearly 13 percent of the entire United States workforce is in sales.” We are everywhere.

 If you’re nice to sales professionals I promise that (at least the professionals on our team) will be nice, too.

 That said — Can you do me a huge favor? Please visit myfenton.com and purchase tickets to Bottles, Brews & News! Featuring beer and wine samples, live music and food, all under a big tent in downtown Fenton, the event benefits FARR (Fenton Area Resources and Referral Network, Inc.) Want to learn more? Email me at ecaswell@mihomepaper.com.

 Emily Caswell is the brand manager at VIEW Group, the branding division of View Newspaper Group.

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