Perseverance: Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

 I’m not one to keep quotes or definitions stuck around my desk, but after last week, I have to make an exception and post the above somewhere visible. Here’s why.

 I arrived at our sales meeting drained. The night before I spent four hours and $495 at the ER vet with our pup. Before you become too alarmed, he is okay. As a rescue he’s had health issues for his entire life. After a weekend party with too many table scraps left him particularly ill, we decided he needed a doctor. Unfortunately, we decided this afterhours, hence the long wait, huge bill and nearly late arrival to the sales meeting.

 Our sales meetings start with each team member sharing a success story. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get the team to share, but this time the stories were bountiful. As I sat there listening I became more and more energized.

 One client can directly tie more than $100,000 worth of sales this quarter to a print campaign he ran with us. Another saw an increase in event attendance after inserting an invite into our newspapers. I shared a story of a client who used a sticky note to promote his business and had so much success he’ll continue to do so.

 These stories illustrate a few of things:

 1. Print is alive and well and it works! We know this thanks to our independent Circulation Verification Council (CVC) survey, which found that 71.4 percent of our readers frequently purchase products and services from ads seen in View Newspaper Group publications. We also know this because our clients tell us. So do our readers.

2. View Newspaper Group is more than just traditional print ads. We offer inserts, direct mail and cool products like our sticky notes to help deliver a marketing message to a customer’s desired audience.

 3. Our team has perseverance. While these success stories are awesome, they did not happen overnight. Many are a result of months, sometimes years’ worth of work. It’s important to celebrate success, but it’s also important to remember how it was achieved. With that in mind, the team developed a list of the things that keep us going. Here are my favorite:

• New ideas

• Collaboration

• Passion

• Positivity

• Teamwork

• Story telling

• Learning

• Commitment

 Everyone has hard days. The next time you have one, think of that list above. I know I will. It has given me the energy to keep on keepin’ on.

 What keeps you going on rough days? Email me at

Emily Caswell the Brand Manager of VIEW Group, the branding division of View Newspaper Group.

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