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I prefer life to be cleaned and organized, so I often donate things or if broken dispose of them. When our trash company lifted their COVID-19 restrictions and started to pick up larger items, I was eager to haul things to the curb. It was 8:30 a.m. when I realized one item I wanted to toss …

About a month ago during a virtual happy hour, one of my friends asked, “When things open up again, will you go?” I have friends in bigger cities like Detroit, Lansing and Chicago, so it’s understandable that the answers varied.

It wasn’t that early, but my neighbor apologized for the early text. She stressed, however, “It’s important.” Then she sent me a link from the spa we go to offering a $100 gift card for $50. I text her back “already bought it!”

As I watched a recorded TV show the other day, I found myself rewinding to see a commercial for a local bar. I stared as Irish music played and a little leprechaun jumped around the screen. Happy crowds raised their frothy beer mugs, hot chicken wings came out of the kitchen, and just like t…

As any fashionista, column-writing, wavy-blonde-haired woman who has spent a month’s rent on a handbag will tell you, the highest compliment anyone can ever give you is to say, “You are totally like Carrie Bradshaw.”

The first wave of panic hit me in the soup aisle. There we stood, staring at empty shelves, and only one can of soup remained. It was cream of mushroom. I hate mushrooms.

There’s an anecdote in the newspaper business that goes something like “If a business doesn’t advertise with you, just wait a while. Soon enough they’ll be calling to advertising their going-out-of-business sale.” It’s a bit cruel, maybe, but it has been proven to be true.

Imagine accepting a new job on these conditions: You are the second choice, because the original candidate left after only three days on the job. You immediately need to cut your salary in half and let team members go in order to keep the lights on. Would you take the job?

 “How old are you?” asked the friendly nurse about to shoot a needle of poison into my face. I felt safe despite the poison and the needle, so I answered honestly. “38,” I said. “You’re kidding me?” she kindly exclaimed. That was a good day.

At a recent sales meeting the newest member of our team was sharing her success story. “I won some money!” she said. My ears perked up. Our office sometimes pools money for lotto tickets, and I thought maybe they hit it big. As the rest of the team applauded, I started to get mad at myself f…

If you’ve flown with checked baggage you’re aware of the weight limits, which are typically 40 pounds for domestic and 50 pounds for international. Because of those limits, waiting to check baggage can be a high-anxiety event, especially for my better half, Matt. As we approached the check-i…

’Tis the season for gathering around the fire and watching holiday movies with loved ones. Topping the list of my favorite holiday movies is “A Christmas Story.”

Acouple of weeks ago, a few friends and myself gathered for a comedy in Hamtramck.

Two weeks ago, I spent the day with 3,000 high school students and I learned one very important lesson: High school teachers are saints.

I turned 38 a few weeks ago and did something that has never made me feel older. I attended an HOA meeting.

A few weeks ago, I got back into the pool. People who know me will wonder what is significant about this since I spend a lot of time at the pool. But this is different, I got back into the lap lane of the pool.

I once had business cards that read, “Can you do me a huge favor?” on the back. My friend and co-worker gave them to me as a sort of joke because, apparently, that’s my catch phrase. It’s true that it’s a main function of my job (and I guess my personality) to ask people to do things. Please…

My brother and his wife returned to America recently after a year of living in the UK. Settled in Edinburgh, Scotland, they had no intentions of returning. After a year abroad, however, they changed their minds. Missing their families and the conveniences of American living (a clothes dryer,…

At the dermatologist the other day, I noticed a poster of a little boy playing on the beach. The caption: “He’ll always remember this vacation; it’s when he got skin cancer.” Talk about shock advertising!

Fellow (and far more famous columnist) Doug Larson said, “Wisdom is the reward you get for a lifetime of listening when you’d have preferred to talk.”

This column is dedicated to everyone who works in a summer industry. From golf courses to resorts to RV and watercraft dealers, a lot of people sacrifice traditional summer fun so others can have that summer fun.

There are two things that will get me out of bed at 6 a.m. Saturday: Tailgating and an early flight. A couple of weeks ago, however, I was up and on the road by 6:30 a.m. to volunteer at a golf outing. I have worked at this event for four years and it’s always a good time, but that didn’t st…

Some people say if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I once believed this, but I don’t anymore. You can love your career, and it can still be work. It’s okay to admit that. Here are two reasons why:

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy,” Benjamin Franklin said. It may not be historically accurate, but for the past seven years, the team at View Newspaper Group has used this quote to guide us in our event planning.

Perseverance: Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.