If new millionaires or billionaires were created every time President Obama and his fellow liberals disparaged ‘millionaires and billionaires,’ there would be far more of them than there are today. And that would be a good thing because it would mean more people are succeeding. This president seems determined to punish and discourage success and hard work, and the values by which one must live by in order to attain it.

 People who envy the successful won’t receive any of the money higher taxes might bring in. Congress will spend it long before it ‘trickles down’ to the poor, and even if the poor did get some of the largesse from the wealthy, when the money runs out they would likely remain poor because their attitude toward ‘entitlements’ rather than wealth building would remain unchanged. Welfare mostly subsidizes people in poverty, helping few escape from it.

 In their hearts, most people who are poor would like to be rich or at least self-sustaining but this president never talks about how they might achieve that goal. Instead, he criticizes those who made the right choices and now enjoy the fruits of their labor. The president seeks to punish the rich with higher taxes and more regulations on their businesses.

 President Calvin Coolidge, who is receiving another look by some historians, said in 1919, ‘The great aim of our government is to protect the weak, to aid them to become strong.’ President Obama apparently thinks the weak and poor can never become strong and rich without government, though government has a poor track record of aiding people in either endeavor.

 There is something deeply repulsive, even un-American, about this war on achievers. We once held them in high regard because they built and sustained the nation. What do the unsuccessful produce?

 Wealth is a sign of achievement, a reward for risks taken. And being poor is not a crime, unless those in poverty refuse to strive to overcome it. That’s the message this president should be broadcasting, not one that trashes success and promotes class division and envy of the successful.

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