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Standing on principle, not to mention common sense, is so rare these days that when someone does it they make headlines. That’s because you can quickly be labeled a ‘bigot’ if you oppose a lot of the sludge dumped on us by the secular left.

Standing on principle, not to mention common sense, is so rare these days that when someone does it they make headlines. That’s because you can quickly be labeled a ‘bigot’ if you oppose a lot of the sludge dumped on us by the secular left.

Just as radar warns of approaching storms, so does the flood of migrants entering Europe warn us of a deluge yet to come, not only for Europeans, if they continue to allow unrestricted immigration, but for the United States.

For anyone whose knowledge of history extends beyond the current season of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ the four days of meetings involving Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani, European leaders and businesses should remind people we have seen this show before.

Every American should be glad that American hostages have been freed by the tyrannical Iranian regime and are being reunited with family, friends and co-workers. Less satisfying is the return of Iran’s $400 million trust fund, used to buy military equipment, which was frozen in 1979, along w…

It’s happening again. The ‘inevitability’ of Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy may not be so inevitable after all. Unlike eight years ago when Barack Obama beat her for the Democratic nomination and ultimately won the office Hillary and her supporters believed she was entitled to, thi…

I’m still waiting; waiting for someone to show me how laws stop a person intent on breaking them.

President Obama and members of his administration assure us we have nothing to fear when it comes to terrorism. Whether you accept this, or not, there is another fear that in large part is behind the phenomenon known as Donald Trump. It is the fear we are in danger of losing America.

Set aside for a moment the violent incidents associated with people claiming to act under the authority of their Islamic faith and consider instead what passes for normalcy.

Wisdom can often be found in unexpected places. During debate in the House of Commons on whether Britain should join the U.S. and Russia in bombing ISIS targets in Syria, Hilary Benn, the shadow foreign secretary of the liberal Labour Party, delivered a speech that approached Winston Churchi…

Conservatives are supposed to be against big government and opposed to the left’s belief that problems can be solved by Washington. Which is why Republican presidential candidate John Kasich’s proposal to create a new government agency to promote ‘Judeo-Christian values’ is a really bad idea.

President Obama has put a new twist on the Islamic invasion now taking place across Europe and the United States. Speaking to reporters last week the president compared Syrian refugees to ‘tourists,’ saying they are no bigger a threat than people who come to sightsee and visit attractions.

We are moving beyond the ‘who won’ stage in the Republican debates into the ‘who would you be most comfortable with as president’ and ‘who is best equipped to defeat Hillary Clinton?’ The answer to both questions seems to be Sen. Marco Rubio.

In Washington, most stories that make the newspapers and evening newscasts are about scandals and political infighting. Rarely is there one about redemption.

A special House committee investigating the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11, 2012 that killed Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans may have helped Hillary Clinton become president of the United States.

A recent New York Times headline read, ‘Raising Taxes on the Wealthiest Would Pay for Bold Plans.’ The story says that by soaking the rich, ‘the government could raise large amounts of revenue ... while still allowing them to take home a majority of their income.’

Watching the Democratic candidates’ presidential debate Tuesday night, one might think a Republican has been in the White House since 2009. These political Lilliputians could find little to say that was positive. The economy is bad, too many people aren’t working (whose fault is that?), we s…

Hillary Clinton is borrowing from Richard Nixon, a man she worked to impeach while a staff member of the House Judiciary Committee in the early 1970s. Like Nixon, whose handlers successfully fooled a majority of voters by trotting out a ‘new Nixon’ after his election defeats in 1960 and 1962…

Hurricane Joaquin dumped large amounts of rain on the East Coast, but another ‘force of nature’ flooded the country with so much rhetoric it was difficult for most people to keep up.

The announcement by House Speaker John Boehner that he is retiring at the end of October stunned Washington where life is all about grabbing power and holding on to it, often until death they do part.

Rarely has a presidential campaign more resembled the classic 1957 film, ‘A Face in the Crowd.’ Written by Budd Schulberg and starring Andy Griffith, Patricia Neal and Walter Matthau, the storyline follows an Arkansas hayseed named Larry ‘Lonesome’ Rhodes (Griffith), whom Marcia Jeffries (Ne…

Back when I was in school, I performed a scientific experiment in which I poured a liquid of one color into a beaker that contained liquid of a different color. At first, the liquid in the beaker was diluted, but as I kept pouring, the poured liquid eventually overtook the liquid in the beak…

The horrible murder of two local journalists in Roanoke, Virginia, has affected me more than I thought it would. Journalists are taught early on to compartmentalize. As a local TV reporter, I saw bodies from plane crashes and victims of mass murder. I covered natural disasters and witnessed …

When Ronald Reagan announced in November 1994 he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, even some of his most ardent political opponents paused to wish him well.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders represent two sides of the same coin. Both men have tapped into a deep anger — a discontent — in the public mood. Little seems to be going right. America appears in decline under a disengaged president. We can’t seem to win wars, or know why we are fighting th…

If elected president, Hillary Clinton has promised to spend $350 billion to make college ‘more affordable.’ The U.S. already has an $18 trillion debt (and growing by the day), but Clinton wants to add to it. That’s not affordable.

Twenty-four million people tuned in to watch the first primetime debate among 10 Republican presidential candidates. What were they expecting, a love-in?

WARWICK, England — When it comes to debates the Oxford Union, which bills itself as the ‘world’s most prestigious debating society,’ remains the gold standard. The Oxford Union debates produce useful information. The same cannot be said for U.S. presidential debates.

NASA has discovered the answer to all of our problems. It is another planet, a possible twin to Earth that could theoretically sustain life.

When I listen to Hillary Clinton speak, outlining her ‘economic policy’ should she become president, my first reaction was not to her lack of substance and the predictability of her party line about taxing the rich more and ‘income inequality,’ but to how boring she is.

In her 1985 speech after receiving the Best Actress Oscar for her role in ‘Places in the Heart,’ actress Sally Field famously gushed, ‘You like me; you really, really like me.’

The media and the secular left have a love-hate relationship with the Roman Catholic Church and its popes. When the pope takes positions with which they agree, they applaud him, but when he takes positions with which they disagree, they either ignore or criticize him.

It is such a rare act that most do not know how to respond, except in stunned silence. Relatives of the nine people murdered while attending a Bible study and prayer meeting in Charleston, South Carolina, told the accused killer they forgive him.

Upon hearing of the massive data breach of employee information from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) — allegedly by hackers working for the Chinese government — Kay Cole James, the former director of OPM under George W. Bush, told me she was ‘aghast,’ adding, ‘I can’t think about th…

My high school colors were green and white. At graduation, the boys wore green robes and the girls wore white.

Martin O’Malley, former Baltimore mayor and Maryland governor, announced his presidential candidacy recently, and said some things that could be taken as criticism of President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

’Black lives matter!’ was the chant heard at recent demonstrations in cities and towns from Ferguson, Missouri, to Baltimore, Maryland. Yes, they do matter, but apparently not so much to some other blacks. Only when a white police officer shoots does the life of a black man seem to matter.

If you visit Mount Olympus, you will see scores of crumbling statues to false gods once worshipped by ancient Greeks. The same is true in Rome, where statues of political gods, notably those named Caesar, lay in ruins.

My first job in journalism was as a copyboy at the NBC News Bureau in Washington, D.C. In my early 20s, I asked Bill Corrigan, the newsroom manager, ‘What must I do to get on the air?’ He replied, ‘Get a college degree and a minimum of five years writing experience with a newspaper or wire s…

The Obama administration says it is still trying to determine whether ISIS was behind the attack in Garland, Texas, in which two terrorists were shot dead after trying to kill people attending a ‘draw the Prophet Muhammad’ contest. ISIS is not only claiming responsibility, but promising new …

In 2½ hours of oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court Tuesday, Justice Anthony Kennedy asked the right question: whether it is appropriate for the Court to discard a definition of marriage that ‘has been with us for millennia,’ adding, ‘it’s very difficult for the court to say, ‘Oh, we…

In the video announcing her presidential candidacy, Hillary Clinton says the economic deck ‘is still stacked in favor of those at the top.’

If I visit a kosher restaurant and order a pork chop, am I being discriminated against when the waiter says they don’t serve pork?

’In your heart you know he’s right,’ was Barry Goldwater’s presidential campaign slogan in 1964.

Turn on the news and you expect to see people of different races and politics denouncing each other. That’s why what happened last week on ‘The Kelly File,’ Megyn Kelly’s Fox News program, was so remarkable.

Hillary Clinton finally met with reporters at the UN Tuesday to explain why she used a personal email account for the vast majority of her communications as secretary of state.

Washington is such a phony city. Maybe that’s why it has such a good relationship with Hollywood.

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, is taking some heat — and winning praise in some quarters — for remarks he made at a private dinner last week at which he questioned President Obama’s love for America.

President Theodore Roosevelt said, ‘Speak softly, and carry a big stick.’ More than a century later, President Barack Obama speaks loudly (and incessantly) and carries a twig.