When Donald Trump announced he was running for president last June, the Huffington Post, unlike most of the media, didn’t exactly go gaga over him. In fact, as a sign they weren’t taking him seriously, HuffPo decided to post all Trump news on their Entertainment page.

 Donald Trump’s not funny anymore. He’s no longer a joke. He’s a serious candidate for president, he’s leading in the polls, and he’s perhaps the most divisive, dangerous, racist candidate in our history.

 Trump’s not alone, of course. He’s standing on a platform of hatred — against minorities, immigrants, women and gays — which the Republican Party has been building for years.

 But Trump’s by far the worst. His entire campaign is built on hatred. And now against Muslims, all of whom he brands as terrorists and wants to keep out of the country, ‘until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.’

 What’s going on with Donald Trump? That’s not hard to figure out. It’s right out of his 1997 playbook, ‘The Art of the Deal,’ where he recommends: ‘If you want to command the stage, make the most daring demands possible and say the most outrageous things possible — and people will pay attention to you.’

 What’s even more stunning is not what Trump said, but what most of his fellow Republicans refuse to say. Sure, some of them tut-tutted their disagreement with the ban on Muslims.

 But then every one of them turned and said they’d still vote for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, if Trump were the Republican nominee. What hypocrites!

 So why are most of the other Republicans pussy-footing around Trump? Because they fear that if they’re too hard on Trump, he might bolt from the Republican Party and run as an Independent, thereby assuring a Democratic victory.

 The only way to stop Donald Trump is for the Republican Party to reject him summarily. It’s true that what he proposes about Muslims disqualifies him from being president. But those who criticize him, yet say they’ll still vote for him, are just as guilty and just as unqualified.

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