After another big dump of Hillary Clinton emails received and written when she was secretary of state — this time, 4,368 emails, filling almost 7,000 pages — we finally know all we need to know about what conservative commentators are calling the ‘fatal Hillary Clinton email scandal:’ It’s not a scandal. And it’s not fatal.

 Even Hillary admits it ‘clearly wasn’t the best choice.’ And her lame excuse for doing so — ‘I didn’t want to have to carry around two cellphones’ — doesn’t ring true in a town where every top government official walks around with two electronic devices, one official and one personal.

 As her emails reveal, that initial mistake caused Clinton a lot of frustration while in office — and untold grief since.

 First things first. Did Hillary do anything illegal by using her own server? No! Was she trading state secrets with the enemy? No! Or her friends? No! Have she and her campaign bungled their handling of the email mess? Yes, yes, yes. But, beyond that, what do we learn from perusing the Hillary emails? A lot that’s titillating perhaps, but nothing incriminating.

 Hillary’s intensely loyal to her staff, family and friends, sometimes to a fault. She’s quick to say get well, happy birthday or thank you.

 Meanwhile, Hillary gets a lot of official work done on email, from tracking the British elections, to keeping on top of world hotspots, to trying to repair damage done with certain allies after documents containing disparaging comments about them by State Department officials were made public by WikiLeaks.

 And so it goes for 7,000 pages. No bombshells. No smoking gun. Nothing immoral, indecent or criminal. More interesting stuff than they’d find in your emails or mine, but, overall, just as boring. And you can bet the next batch will be more of the same.

 Which is all too bad for Republicans. If they were counting on a serious scandal to derail Hillary Clinton’s march to the White House, they’d better look elsewhere. The emails won’t cut it.

 Here’s an idea: How about another congressional hearing on Benghazi? Oh, wait. They’ve already held 13 of those.

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