It’s never too late to go back to school. So when I realized I didn’t know enough about the Iranian nuclear deal reached this week in Vienna between Iran and the United States, Germany,  France,  England, Russia and China, I signed up for a master class.

 I took a master class from the man who knows more about this deal than anyone else: Professor Barack Obama. I attended his press conference at the White House on July 14.

 It was by far the most newsworthy press conference of his presidency. In the space of an hour he raised all the lame arguments made against the Iran deal — and proceeded to destroy every one of them.

 By now, you’ve heard all the arguments against the deal. Here are a few of them, with the professor’s rebuttal.

 ‘It’s bad for Israel?’ It’d be a lot worse, Obama pointed out, if Iran ever got the bomb. ‘Iran could delay inspections for 24 days?’ Actually, under terms of the agreement, they could only delay at any new covert sites, Obama explained.

 ‘Iran could still stir up trouble in the region?’ No, this doesn’t solve all problems, Obama acknowledged, but: ‘Having resolved the nuclear issue, we will be in a stronger position to work with Israel, work with the Gulf countries, work with our other partners, work with the Europeans to bring additional pressure to bear on Iran around those issues that remain of concern.’

 In response to every argument, Obama asked the all-important question: OK, wise guy, what’s your alternative? So far, nobody’s come up with one. ‘And for all the objections of Prime Minister Netanyahu, or, for that matter, some of the Republican leadership that’s already spoken, none of them have presented to me, or the American people, a better alternative.’

 Finally, Obama welcomed a robust debate in Congress, as long as it’s based on the facts, and not petty partisan rhetoric.

 Case closed. President Obama has prevented another war and delivered one of the most significant diplomatic triumphs of our lifetime. That’s something Republicans and Democrats should celebrate.

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