It takes a big ego to run for president. How else could you keep a straight face while telling everybody: ‘I’m the best person in the entire country to be the next president of the United States?’

 But if it takes a big ego to run for president, it takes an even bigger ego to run against — the Pope! Meet Rick Santorum. Desperate to find one issue that separates him from the rest of the Republican pack of clowns, Roman Catholic Santorum has decided to attack Pope Francis for daring to speak out on climate change.

 In a radio interview with talk show host Don Giordano, Santorum said the Pope has no business talking about climate change. The Pope would be better off ‘leaving science to the scientists,’ the recurring presidential candidate volunteered.

 A couple of days later, Santorum doubled down, insisting that while it was not OK for the Pope to express his opinion on climate change, it was OK for him, a politician, to do so. Santorum told Fox News’ Chris Wallace, the Pope had more important things to worry about: ‘I think there are more pressing problems confronting the earth than climate change.’

 Santorum’s wrong to assert that there’s no clear science on global warming. If he refuses to open his eyes and see shrinking glaciers, he might check with the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which reports that 97 percent of scientists agree that climate change is ‘unequivocal,’ is a serious threat to the planet, and is ‘very likely’ caused mainly by human activity.

 According to Vatican sources, Pope Francis will argue that the health and beauty of God’s creation is now seriously threatened by climate change — and that action to fight global warming is now a moral imperative for all 1.2 billion Catholics worldwide, and for all people of faith.

 And that’s why Santorum doesn’t want the Pope to talk about climate change. Because now to the list of grievous sins — theft, murder, adultery — will be added: denying climate change. Rick Santorum? Guilty!

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