Whatever else people say about it, the summer of 2015 will be remembered as ‘The Summer of Donald Trump.’

 In June, remember, questions about Trump ranged from ‘Will he really run this time?’ to ‘Can he survive calling immigrants ‘rapists’’? to ‘Will he actually file his papers and make it official?’ to ‘How soon before he implodes?’

 By July, the weight of questions about Trump had shifted significantly. From ‘Can he survive mocking John McCain’s POW status?’ to ‘Will he make the cut for the first GOP debate?’

 But now, at the end of August, it’s clear that Trump can survive anything. He’s the Teflon candidate. He leads the Republican pack today at every level.

 So suddenly more and more are asking: ‘Could Donald Trump, with all his bluster, rudeness and ignorance, possibly go all the way and become the Republican presidential nominee in 2016?’

 Even if short-lived, what does the phenomenal success of Donald Trump say about the American political process? Short answer: It says nothing good about the Republican Party, evangelicals, the media or politics in general.

 Trump’s success, especially in the Bible Belt, also unmasks the total hypocrisy of religious conservatives. They don’t care if he’s divorced twice, married three times, degrades women, brags about his prowess in bed and makes a big chunk of his income from gambling.

 Nobody looks worse in the Trump circus than the media — to whom, more than anyone else, Trump owes his political triumph. The networks, in fact, have made a diabolical pact with the Donald. As long as he brings them top ratings, they’ll give him all the time he wants. 

 Americans are fed up with politics as usual. They see most politicians as lazy, cowardly, totally beholden to corporate money and more interested in perpetuating their own political career than doing what’s right. They’re ready to support anybody who’s not part of the establishment, no matter how brash.

 That explains Donald Trump’s appeal to so many Republicans. He fits the bill. In a field of lackluster choices, he’s the only one who offers anything new or different.

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