Her enemies finally found it. Forget Benghazi, emails, Vince Foster, or Whitewater. This is the scandal that will bring Hillary down. And you have to admit, it does sound pretty sleazy when you first hear about ... ‘Clinton Cash!’

 On one hand, here is former President Bill Clinton, raking in millions of dollars from foreign governments and corporations for his charitable foundation. On the other hand, there’s his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton making sweetheart deals with those very same governments and corporations on behalf of the United States.

 How tacky can you get? It’s all spelled out in Peter Schweizer’s new book, ‘Clinton Cash.’

 The most serious of Schweizer’s accusations centers around a complicated uranium deal in which the Russian atomic energy agency Rosatom was able to take over a Canadian company and become one of the leading uranium producers in the world. During the time she served as secretary of state, the head of that Canadian company also made donations totaling $2.35 million to the Clinton Foundation.

 Now, even if I want to believe the worst about Hillary, knowing that any link between Bill’s activities and her role as secretary of state is ‘unknown’ and being told that conflicts ‘may’ occur but not necessarily ‘did’ occur, does not exactly build a strong case against her.

 Having conducted its own investigation, Time Magazine concluded: ‘The suggestion of outside influence over U.S. decision-making is based on little evidence. ... A former State Department official who participated in the deal’s approval told Time that Clinton did not weigh in on the uranium sale one way or the other.’

 Granted, it’s legitimate to raise questions about the Clinton Foundation’s fundraising activities. Why were foreign corporations and governments showering the former president with such massive windfalls of cash when Hillary was secretary of state? Schweizer’s good at raising questions and making wild assumptions, but he fails to back them up with any evidence.

 In the end, this foreign cash scandal is nothing but an instant replay of Benghazi: lots of wild allegations about Hillary, but no proof of wrongdoing.

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