Remember the days when you couldn’t wait to get the Sears Wish Book or the JC Penney Christmas Catalog so you could pick out your favorite gifts?

Today’s high-tech “wish lists” may look a little different, but they’re easy and convenient to use to share with family members and friends. Best of all, they’re all free.

You will also find “Wish Lists” at many local retailers, allowing you to express your own gift wishes, hoping to find them under your Christmas tree.


Create both private and public wish lists to share with friends and family. If your whole family registers, you can create a group where lists can be shared directly, and you’ll see whether an item has already been purchased from someone’s list. You can even rank your gifts based on how badly you want them.


DreamList is a wish list service that allows you to go beyond requests for products and physical items. You can create lists that relate to long-term goals, projects, experiences or adventures — and have friends and family fund them in essentially the same way they might fund a Kickstarter or GoFundMe campaign. Examples might be saving money for a house or your child’s college education.

You can also use this service to create traditional wish lists for the holidays.


You can import your existing wish lists from other retailers, and also use the bookmarks tab for a quick-add option whenever you find something you want. Create as many lists as you want for a variety of occasions and use the built-in “price drop” feature to compare prices.


MrLista’s plug-in option makes it easy to use. Whenever you find an item you want to add to your list, click the plug-in icon on your browser screen, which opens a prompt that allows you to choose which list you want to add it to (assuming you have multiple lists). Send the lists to family and friends via a link or sharing function — they don’t have to sign up to view your list.

Recipients of your list will see when an item has already been purchased, but it’ll be a surprise to you.


Create lists using pre-made templates for birthdays, holidays and other life events. Simply add the product you want by inputting its URL (address from a web page).

Use its user-search feature to find other people you might know on the platform, or send direct links to your profile to friends and family.

Source: Bestproducts.com

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