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Jeremy Harrison of 818, Inc. works with Charles Weber of Linden on his medical gap plan.

Jeremy Harrison of Tyrone Township, a former personal wealth management banker and tax consultant, has opened his own insurance business. 818, Inc. focuses on helping seniors age 65 make the right decisions on Medicare insurance. He and his wife, Keri, a photographer, have five children ranging in age from 1 ½ to 9.

Your business has an interesting name, 818, Inc. Where did that come from? It’s based on Deuteronomy 8:18, one of my favorite Bible verses. The name stands out and reflects that I’m a Christian. Once people know me by my own name, 818 will be more in the background.

How is 818, Inc. different than other insurance companies that market to seniors? I don’t make ‘cold calls’ to seniors to get their business. I market effectively so they can find me when they have a need. Seniors get spammed so hard with unnecessary calls and emails; I prefer “warm calls” that take place when a person hears about my business and contacts me. That way, I know they have an interest in what I have to offer. This is what I really love — I’m not selling someone a product. All I’m doing is helping them make the right decision.

How does your business work? I provide a consultative approach with clients. It’s critical that people in the age group of 65 or before find someone to talk to who can help them through the maze of Medicare insurance options available. You don’t want to get stuck in the wrong plan that you can’t get out of. My consultations are free. My job is to find all the different insurance carriers that will best fit their needs. Together, we place them with the right insurance plan. I do all the paperwork. I become your point of contact between you and the insurance company.

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