Fall is the season of change, which is why renting a storage unit this time of year makes sense for many people in transition.

Jim and Carey Abraham of Abe’s Storage in Holly recently doubled their indoor storage capacity from 160 units to more than 300. Their location near the busy I-75 corridor just south of Baldwin Road makes this storage business a convenient stop for many local residents.

The storage units are “drive up-style” in varying sizes from 5x10 to 12x30, so people can conveniently load in and out of the units directly from their vehicle. Abe’s Storage also offers video surveillance, on-site management six days a week, phone availability 24/7 and an automated gate.

“We’ve got fewer than a quarter of them left,” said Jim. “This is a busy time of year in the storage business as the season transitions from summer to fall.”

He has a helpful strategy for parents of college-age students trying to manage the moving-in, moving-out drama that takes place every year in dorms and apartments.

“Rather than flooding the parents’ home with all the college stuff moved back for summer, why not rent a storage unit for the summer, then rent a U-Haul from us when you’re emptying the unit, and haul it all up to college in one easy trip?”

Other uses for storage units this time of year include classic car storage after a busy summer season of car shows, motorcycles, golf gear, jet skis and any other summer recreational “toys” that get put away for the coming fall and winter months. In addition, there’s plenty of room for outdoor storage of boats, motor homes, etc.

Abe’s Storage is located at 10433 North Holly Rd., telephone (810) 694-7707. Their website is www.abesstoragemi.com.

To view the story of Abe’s Storage and to catch a glimpse of their storage units and how they work, visit tctimes.com and click on Feature Video.

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