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Chiropractor Dr. James Callard is celebrating 25 years in business. He is unique in offering services like nutrition response testing to address issues chiropractic care can’t fix. From left are Callard, Michelle McLeod, office manager and Wendy Kozlowski, chiropractor’s assistant.

 Dr. James Callard was a roofer before he became a chiropractor. Now he’s celebrating 25 years in business with The Callard Clinic. He said he’s done 940,000 adjustments in that time. “You can’t substitute experience,” he said.

 Callard’s philosophy is simple. “You find the problem, fix it in three to nine visits and then the body heals itself,” he said. “It’s not about the money; it’s about getting them back to doing what they want to do in the quickest amount of time for the least amount of money.” He admits he’s “old school” in this philosophy.

 At his clinic, he offers chiropractic care, but also Nutrition Response Testing (NRT), massage therapy and even acupuncture. Peripheral neuropathy, pain in hands and feet, can also be treated by Callard.

 His goal is to treat the whole person without the use of medication and let the body heal itself, and provide only as much treatment as they need.

 He also offers consignment agreement rates for patients not using health insurance.

 The Callard Clinic is at 873 W. Silver Lake Rd., Fenton. Phone: (810) 629-5566. Visit them online at thecallardclinic.com.

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