TelNet Group President Jeff Roggin and his wife, Project Manager Sue Roggin, say that TelNet team members pride themselves on their customers’ satisfaction. Founded in 2001, TelNet offers a full suite of communication solutions to meet customers’ needs. 

 Linden — Years of immersive experience in technology and business communications enable TelNet Group to understand where their customers are, where they’ve been and, perhaps most importantly, where they’re going.

 TelNet takes their customers into the future, while continuing to contribute to the expansion of the ongoing evolution of technology.

 Founded in 2001, TelNet has developed a full suite of communication solutions to meet their customers’ needs. Focusing on unified communications as a service (UCAAS), or business communications, the company offers a broad spectrum of products and services designed to keep businesses and individuals on the cutting edge of technological communications and security.

 With one of the highest customer service satisfaction rates in the country, TelNet consistently ranks within the top 10 percent of more than 900 dealers in the United States. The company’s attention to detail and commitment to their customers are what sets them apart from their competition.

 Businesses that benefit from TelNet products and services vary as widely as those products and services themselves. With an international reach — customers range from hospitals to manufacturing companies and everything in between —TelNet elevates all forms of enterprise.

 For more information about TelNet, visit its recently revamped website at TelNet is at 1035 N. Bridge St., Linden. Phone: (810) 735-8585.

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