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The experts at SleepWell in Fenton are available to help clients find the perfect fit when it comes to a mattress.

A good night’s sleep can help regulate blood sugar levels, keep your immune system functioning properly and even improve heart health, which means that choosing the right mattress is a key component to staying healthy.

The experts at SleepWell in Fenton are available to help clients find the perfect fit when it comes to a mattress.

Opened in November 2019, SleepWell is one of four mattress and furniture store locations owned by Ryan Garrison. After moving back to the Fenton area last year, Garrison, who is originally from Linden, knew this community was the perfect spot for a SleepWell store. All of his stores focus on American-made items, and when it comes to mattresses, customers even have numerous Michigan-made items to choose from.

SleepWell offers a wide variety of products in a range of prices — everything from an economically priced twin mattress to a custom-made Chattam & Wells mattress, which Garrison said is the same brand of mattress that has been delivered to The White House for more than 100 years.

“We carry everything,” Garrison said, adding that the store can also do custom-made pieces including mattresses to fit antique beds, RV mattresses and more. The store also sells pillows, sheets and mattress protectors. SleepWell also offers financing options.

As a family owned and operated business, Garrison, a father of six, is especially proud of the team’s commitment to customer service. “We work with the customer in every aspect, including after the sale,” he said. “We go the extra mile.”

SleepWell is at 17175 Silver Pkwy., Fenton. For more information, call (810) 354-8087.

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