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Bennington Hills Kennel recently added 800 square feet to its space, which includes new office space and updates to the grooming areas. The kennel also upgraded its phone and security systems recently.

 After 35 years in business, the team at Bennington Hills Kennel is proud to announce its newest expansion.

 “We are constantly doing improvements here, some that our clients will see, like new paint or sun tubes in the grooming area and others they won’t, like new furnaces, better cleaning supplies and updates to the dog walk area with sun shades,” said Linda Rademacher, who owns and operates the kennel with her daughter Kris Fleckenstein and Fleckenstein’s son Arron. “There is always something ongoing like decorating for our clients or ordering more bones for the dogs. We strive to make it as comfortable for the owners as it is for their pets.”

 Most recently, the kennel added an additional 800 square feet to its space, which includes new office space for Rademacher and updates to the grooming areas. This is the fourth expansion to the business since they moved to their current Baldwin Road location 19 years ago. Last year they expanded the parking area. 

 Throughout her 35 years in business, Rademacher said she has seen many changes, one being the need for additional security, another upgrade she is proud of.

 “We have recently upgraded our telephone system as well as our security system,” she said. “Our security system gives us the ability to monitor all areas of our kennel on our monitors as well as our smartphones.”

 As the staff enters their busy season, Rademacher said it’s so fun to see clients return with their pets, along with those clients’ kids and grandkids and their pets.

 “I’ve been so blessed,” said Rademacher, who lives on-site enjoying the 40-acre property complete with a beautiful country setting and 7-acre pond.

 In addition to operating the kennel, Rademacher also breeds golden retrievers. “I love animals. I get to make a living doing my hobby,” she said. “It’s the best of both worlds.”

 For more information or to schedule your pet’s stay, visit benningtonhills.com or call (810) 750-4245. Bennington Hills Kennel is at 2099 Baldwin Rd., Fenton.

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