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Abe’s Storage co-owner, Jim Abraham, stands before his three new storage buildings in Holly Township last week. The site is “under construction” with new asphalt coming soon.

If storage units could talk, what a story they would tell.

 People move for new jobs, while others go into military service. Some people store their classic cars, while others use storage in the winter for their summer recreational hobbies and in the summer for their winter hobbies.

 Storage is big business right now and no one knows that more than Jim and Carey Abraham, owners of Abe’s Storage in Holly.

 “We’ve almost doubled our indoor storage capacity, from 160 units to more than 300,” said Abraham, who bought the business five years ago.

 This expansion has included the addition of three 6,200-square-foot buildings that feature “drive-up” style units in varying sizes all the way from 5x10 to 12x30, so people can conveniently load in and out of the units directly from their vehicle. Abe’s Storage also offers video surveillance, on-site management six days a week, phone availability 24/7 and an automated gate.

 Catering primarily to residential customers, Abe’s Storage also has a number of businesses customers who use units daily. In addition, there’s plenty of room for outdoor storage of boats, motor homes, etc.

 “We were 100 percent occupied before the expansion and now we have room for people,” said Abraham. “We offer a low price guarantee that will beat any competitive price on a storage unit in the local area.”

 Abe’s Storage also offers U-Haul equipment rentals, along with sales of moving and packing supplies.

Abe’s Storage

10433 North Holly Rd., Holly

(just south of Baldwin Road)

(810) 694-7707

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