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Tri-County Times: Newspaper Hot Lines

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Newspaper Hot lines

Hot lines 4/27/16

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‘‘To the Hot-liner who said the big old building belongs to the city, that if we want it we should buy it, or mind our own business. That old house belongs to the taxpayers. It was purchased by the DDA with taxpayer dollars. Where do you think they get their money? It is our business.”


‘‘As a businessman, although not in downtown, I can relate to any business in Fenton struggling to pay taxes and suffer the inanity of modern government and their endless confiscation of my dollars. Fenton is no different than any municipality in their greed and/or spending.”


‘‘The city does not dictate what businesses go in the city. Anyone had several opportunities to buy that building — they didn’t. Why is that the city of Fenton’s fault?’’


MY GRANDMA JUST turned 91. Don’t tell the DDA, they’ll throw her out to make room for a younger, more modern grandma.


FENTON CLAIMS TO want to be like Royal Oak or Milford. Our city government ought to take notice — those two cities don’t tear down anything. The best part of shopping there is the ‘quaintness’ of those towns. And Holly also.


THOSE SAYING THEY won’t vote for any Republican but their favorite, are essentially giving a vote to Hillary. She is the most untruthful of all the candidates. Her explanation for her record would probably be the same she gave the families of the murdered in Benghazi, ‘What difference at this point does it make.’ To most Americans it makes all the difference in the world.


I AM ON board with the DDA. I think the old house should be torn down. Vek’s should go, too, it looks out of place. I agree with the post office relocation. Please move the city hall and police station, too. None of this draws shoppers to downtown. Do it up right.


REMEMBER WHEN ‘THE King’ predicted that Trump would bow out of the race? Yet another in a very long line of failed predictions. It’s time for ‘The King’ to retire.


THEY SAY HISTORY repeats itself. In Fenton, it’s happening again. The DDA is destroying history despite what the residents want.


IT’S HILARIOUS TO see right-wingers in full freak-out mode over unisex bathrooms. The ‘80s and early ‘90s culture wars are over. You lost. Grow up.


I LOVE TO shop and dine in Royal Oak, Milford and Holly. The atmosphere is historical and welcoming. There are plenty of nice shops to choose from unlike Fenton. For an upscale women’s store you must go to Holly, Milford, Royal Oak or Brighton.


NOW THAT THE sheriff’s crew has cleaned up all the trash on the freeway, how about we all pitch in and clean up what we can around town and along our roads. And please do not throw trash from your car or leave it loose in the back of the trucks. We can do better. Thanks.


MAYBE THE FENTON Downtown Development Authority should change their name to the ‘Fenton Downtown Demolishing Authority.’


PORTA POTTIES? IT wasn’t a picnic. Clearly, you weren’t there.


SPEAK OUT. CALL your congressmen, representatives now. Last fall Fox News reported how lobbyists were writing our laws, then last night 60 Minutes reported on how they were spending 30-40 hours a week raising money and only one to two hours doing there elected job. No wonder we are a mess.


IN THE 2008 election, House Speaker Boehner said, ‘The people have spoken and we have listened.’ Then they turned their backs on us. Now look at them scramble in disbelief.


PLEASE KEEP ANDREW Heller in the Sunday edition. He is much more relevant to today’s issues than Foster Childs, whom by the way, I never cared for.


IF OUR DEMOCRATIC front-runner wants to hold gun manufacturers responsible for the deaths guns cause, shouldn’t a Secretary of State be held responsible for deaths she caused?


POOR DEMOCRATS, FORCED to support Hillary. If you want real choice and real change, it’s not too late. Come on over, vote Republican. Think about it, Bernie has more in common with Trump than Hillary.


YOU KNOW, I really do appreciate the fact that they graded the roads, but how about a little chloride on them. It’s so horrible that everything I own is buried with dust.


AT THE DDA meeting about tearing down 106 Shiawassee, the administration said they were open to all opinions but they spent the entire evening defending their decision to demolish it.


I WENT TO work down in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina hit and put some buildings that were completely decimated back together again like brand new. You’re right. They did not have to tear down the Baptist seminary. They did not have to tear down everything that they’ve torn down.


LADIES, PULL THE necklines up and the hemlines down. Pay attention to your mother and grandmother. For goodness sake, get rid of those tights. If you want more respect, give more respect.


OH, HEAVEN FORBID the DDA would build a parking lot to benefit the businesses in downtown Fenton. What is Smith thinking? That’s the DDA’s purpose.


HERE, HERE, FOR the Foster Childs vs. Andrew Heller vote.


THANK YOU Cherie Smith for standing up to a council that is out of touch with their bosses, the residents and taxpayers. They are not bad people, they are just not making decisions based on what’s best for everyone.


I’M A CHILD of the ‘50s and the ‘60s. We didn’t have gun problems back then because we didn’t have all these idiots running around packing them on their hip. More guns isn’t the answer.


SILVER AND MARL Lakes Association, as well as Silver Lake Park cleanup day is Saturday, May 21. Please come out and help keep our community clean.


THE ‘GOVERNMENT YAHOO’ that legalized prescription drug commercials was Bill Clinton. He could have vetoed it but chose not to. Liberals.


THE ISSUE IS whether 106 Shiawassee is historical. Why should the taxpayers pay $20,000 to take down a building for a future developer? Is that really fiscally responsible?


THE LEGISLATORS AND by extension ‘we the people’ have given the Michigan DNR way too much authoritative power. The DNR officers aren’t to blame, they are fulfilling their sworn duty. It’s the oppressive law we allow.


AS LONG AS Heller continues to print his foo-foo stuff, he is safe. If he starts with his political agenda, he’ll be gone from the tctimes faster than he was from Flint.


I CANNOT FOR the life of me think of one thing that Hillary has done that is beneficial to anyone but herself. Can anyone tell me if there is one?


BE FOREWARNED, AFTER the November election, Obama will use executive action to pardon Hillary’s crimes, use EPA to destroy the ammunition industry, move Gitmo terrorists stateside, create citizenship path for 11 million illegals, increase federal minimum wage to $20 and require trans-bathrooms at all federal facilities.


IF YOU’RE A Republican, you shouldn’t be upset with Hillary you ought to be pretty used to twisting the truth.


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