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Wednesday 04/22/2015
Marco Rubio: New face — with old ideas
Posted: April 22, 2015

One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from Republicans about Barack Obama is: Boy, were we wrong to elect a first-term senator as president. We’ll never make that mistake again!

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The new Hillary Clinton
Posted: April 22, 2015

In the video announcing her presidential candidacy, Hillary Clinton says the economic deck ‘is still stacked in favor of those at the top.’

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The Armed Career Criminal Act of 1984, Part I
Posted: April 22, 2015

In Michigan for criminal matters, we have state statutes and local ordinances, which guide our behavior. Violations of one or more of these laws can result in a small fine all the way up to life in prison, depending on the severity of the offense.  The most severe type of criminal offense is a felony, and if a criminal defendant is convicted of multiple felony offenses over their lifetime, they can be sentenced under Michigan’s habitual offender statute, which allows for an enhanced sentence for repeat offenders up to life in prison.

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Friday 04/17/2015
‘An unarmed man?’
Posted: April 17, 2015

Condemning police officers for using deadly force is the latest destructive agenda of our deeply disturbed mainstream media. The use of the phrase ‘an unarmed man’ promotes the assumption that ‘unarmed’ is synonymous with ‘harmless.’ Nothing could be further from the truth. While it’s good for ratings, it’s bad for police officers. Here’s why:

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Wednesday 04/15/2015
McDonald’s pay raise: Where’s the beef?
Posted: April 15, 2015

No doubt, you were as impressed as I was to learn that McDonald’s had voluntarily adopted a pay raise for employees in its fast-food restaurants.

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Carly Fiorina, a woman of accomplishment
Posted: April 15, 2015

When people speak of ‘the first woman president’ they usually mean Hillary Clinton.

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The sinking of the Titanic and its impact on the law
Posted: April 15, 2015

Today marks the 103rd anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic after it struck an iceberg and sunk off the coast of Newfoundland.

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Friday 04/10/2015
Top five reasons America is in moral decay
Posted: April 10, 2015

I love America. I always have. But I don’t know that I always will.

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